Scroller in javascript

// <![CDATA[
Beginning of JavaScript –

// Simple flying pop-up-window by Urs Dudli and Peter Gehrig
// Copyright (c) 2000 Peter Gehrig and Urs Dudli. All rights reserved.
// Permission given to use the script provided that this notice remains as is.
// Additional scripts can be found at
// 2/8/2000

// If you add this script to a script-library or script-archive
// you have to add a link to on the webpage
// where this script Script will be running.

// **********************************************************************************
// **********************************************************************************
// Configure the variables below

// The name of the pop-up-window. Do not change it
var popwindow

// The height of the pop-up-window (pixels)
var popwindowwidth=200

// The width of the pop-up-window (pixels)
var popwindowheight=150

// Distance to the top margin of the big window
var popwindowtop=20

// The URL of the HTML-file that contains the content of the pop-up-window
var popwindowURL="popupcontent.html"

// Standstill-time (seconds)
var waitingtime=4

// Configure ths speed of the pop-up-window
var pause=20
var step=40

// Do not change this variable
var popwindowleft=-popwindowwidth-50

// Do not change this variable
var marginright

// Do not change this variable
var pagecenter

// Do not change this variable
var timer

waitingtime= waitingtime*1000

function showWindow() {
popwindow =, "popwindow", "toolbar=no,width="+popwindowwidth+",height="+popwindowheight+",top="+popwindowtop+",left="+(-popwindowwidth)+"");
if (document.all) {
marginright = screen.width+50
if (document.layers) {
marginright = screen.width+50

function movewindow() {
if (popwindowleft<=pagecenter) {
timer= setTimeout("movewindow()",pause)
else {
timer= setTimeout("movewindow2()",waitingtime)

function movewindow2() {
if (popwindowleft

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