Using Imagick with PHP

Have you ever used the PHP class to play with image. You can use imagick to crop, create thumbnail and many more. For details see example and visit @
/* Create new object */
$im = new Imagick();
$fit = $im->clone();
$fixed = $im->clone();
$crop = $im->clone();

/* Create a normal thumbnail 100x width, save dimensions */
$normal->thumbnailImage( 100, null );
$normal->writeImage( "normal_thumbnail.jpg" );

/* Create a fit thumbnail, both sides need to be smaller
than the given values, save dimensions */
$fit->thumbnailImage( 100, 100, true );
$fit->writeImage( "fit_thumbnail.jpg" );

/* Create a fixed size thumbnail, ignore dimensions */
$fixed->thumbnailImage( 100, 100 );
$fixed->writeImage( "fixed_thumbnail.jpg" );

/* Create a thumbnail, keep dimensions, crop overflowing parts */
$crop->cropThumbnailImage( 100, 100 );
$crop->writeImage( "crop_thumbnail.jpg" );



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